Blast From the Past

The Crew as we saw ourselves in 2003

The Crew as we saw ourselves in 2003.

Looking through my original blog, some 5 blog sites ago, I came across this post. I wish I could say with confidence which of us wrote it. Though it sounds like Stephanie, the conspicuous lack of f-bombs makes me wonder if it was a collaboration between her and one of the “helpers” who stayed inside. There’s a certain satisfaction in remembering when this post appeared in our blog, only a tiny handful of people knew us and our various foibles well enough to get the joke. Most simply skipped it, without comment, assuming a genuine conflict within The Crew. Knowing Stephanie had, bare minimum, creative control over this little rant is a reminder of the steps she took from angry, teenaged, lone warrior to recognizing our collective need to work together for recovery. It’s a gift today as it reminds me both of how much has changed and how much remains exactly the same. I can easily see myself saying something similar to my own reflection today. Plus, it just makes me laugh.  

Attention all Obsessives and Anal Retentives:      - 11/29/2002
*Please note this is intended for The Crew*
Please step forward to your neatly and evenly spaced placards on the floor. The placards were individually decorated according to your personal taste with each name painstakingly written in calligraphy using an antique pen and acid-free ink. The rice paper used is of archival quality and will last in like-new condition for years of enjoyment.
When you find your mark, please turn to face the wall. Note the wall is painted with the highest quality paint, found at discount prices, in the lastest decorator colors. Notice that each flower, from floor to ceiling, is individually rendrered, using drybrush techniques and sealed for protection and durability.
Please syncronize the antique timepieces that you have each restored to accuracy before fitting with hand-beaded bands using beads collected from boutiques and galleries worldwide over the last 10 years. Syncronize to precicely 6:20 pm, Eastern Standard Time, of course. Now...
At 6:21 pm, please begin banging your head on the wall in an harmonious rhythm until unconscious.
The rest of us need the break.