Here’s a Handful of Meh

Woke up to horrendous news this morning and can’t get past the feeling of relief it brings. Oh, and all the guilt for feeling relieved a bad situation we basically brought on ourselves has resoled itself.

Have you ever had a situation where the emotions seem they should be mutually exclusive to each other?

Don’t feel compelled to share details. It’s a little hypocritical for me to keep it private and ask others to tell their tale. I mean, I will… Just not today. Need some distance first.

But if you’ve been there, what were the emotions it seemed shouldn’t exist in the same space? Did it leave you functionally paralyzed? Did it serve as a point of change? Or did you curl up in a dark space and wait it out?

Pretty sure that’s all I have the energy to do with this.

Just in case you get the idea bravery is the SOP around here, it isn’t.



  1. Relief, and fear. I was told u was pregnant again, but it was ectopic and had ruptured. My immediate reaction was “oh, thank god” (out loud, to the er doctor) because I really didn’t want any more children with my ex (but I claimed I said it out of relief, for knowing what was going on so it could get taken care of). Yup, I’m nutty


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