Despite the seriousness of the previous post and the continued effects one violent man has on our family, there is a “happy ending” to the story.


This is my daughter, second eldest of our 5 kids, known on Twitter as 22, with her precious daughter, ”3”.


This is 3 with the man who, almost 2 years ago, came into their lives and transformed them. A man who has earned their trust, understands their past and loves them as they are. The wedding and adoption are being planned with great joy and the usual amount of ridiculousness.


He wasn’t there for our granddaughter’s birth, first steps or words but when she first said the word Daddy, it was to him.

Those long ago words about the birth of a family still have their value and meaning… But this family is what we dreamed and hoped for our daughter and granddaughter.

She didn’t let the silence keep her or kill her hopes and dreams.

If you’ve lived it or are living with domestic violence, it’s not too late the break the silence and the cycle.

If you have access to these words, you have access to the resources to seek help, support and healing.

Find your freedom. You deserve it.


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